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James Graham - 22 May - 17 June
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Bucket and Spade is James Graham’s first solo show. The prints produced especially for this exhibition are inspired by the logic and elementary graphic language of shields, crests, tokens, puzzles and early learning aids. James has created a range of new symbols that appear familiar, but whose meaning and function remain unclear and open to interpretation. Juxtaposition, repetition and seriality additionally suggest some kind of system or narrative without ever fully disclosing the logic behind it or wanting to close off the chain of associations it sets out to trigger. It is up to the viewer to interpret them and to accept the ambiguity and playfulness inherent to any language game.

James Graham is a London-based illustrator. Since graduating from the RCA in 2005 he has built a reputable career, working across editorial, design and advertising for clients in London, USA, Japan and Germany. Underlying his hand-drawn, printed as well as digital work is a simple aesthetic that is carefully crafted. James also works in close partnership with James Lambert (James and James) on both commercial and independent projects in the arts and fashion, music and publishing. Recently James and James were commissioned by Selfridges to produce a series of intricate drawings for a book accompanying the store’s ‘Wonder Room’.

James has exhibited in various group exhibitions. His clients include Arnolfini, Tate, The Guardian, Welcome Trust, The New York Times and Esquire Magazine.